About Arbutus Grinders Ltd.

Manufacturer of the Original Steel Stud Crimper

Our Mission

Arbutus Grinders Limited is committed to providing the drywall industry with innovative hand tools of simple design and superior quality. Our tools evolve with the support and feedback of our customers which ensures that we can always provide the best possible value.

Company Profile

Arbutus Grinders Limited has been in business at its current location since the 1970's. The company, established by Guy Boileau, is best known for its unique hand tool the Steel Stud Crimper. The Steel Stud Crimper was initially developed, in the late sixties, by Guy Boileau, in conjunction with the help of local drywall contractors. Arbutus Grinders Limited secured both United States and Canadian patents for the Steel Stud Crimper in 1968 and as time went on the word, about the Steel Stud Crimper, spread through the entire drywall industry.

Arbutus Grinders Limited continues to improve the Steel Stud Crimper through the use of creative design and evolving manufacturing processes. We have gained a reputation for a superior quality tool that is warranted against defects and is unparalleled in durability. One of our satisfied customers, who had visited us years later, told us that by using the Steel Stud Crimper the savings in screws had helped pay for their home. We pride ourselves in our products and ensure that our customers will always be able to use them for years.

Arbutus Grinders Limited produces thousands of Steel Stud Crimpers a year which are sold to distributors all over the world. We continually refine our manufacturing process to keep costs down, amidst increasing material prices, to ensure we have stock on hand to fill our customers needs. We guarantee the Steel Stud Crimper to be of the highest quality and back it with a full warranty.

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